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Shrink Wrap

Packing system that use plastic film to cover / overwrap finished product by shrinking it using heat. A variety of products may be enclosed in shrink wrap to stabilize the products, unitize them, keep them clean or add tamper resistance.

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Wrapper

A packaging system that form, fill and seal a package at high speed using a non-shrinkable plastic film. This solution ideals for food product like chocolate, instant noodle to books / magazines and costmetic products.

Stretch Wrapper

The stretching of a film to wrap around and tightly binds stacked items. The plastic film used in this system has to be stretchable. Common applications for this packing method are for material handling and storage.

Blister / Skin / Vacuum Packing Machine

Common application will be for commercial & industrial spare parts, automotive, medicine, cosmetics, toiletries, etc. This wrapping system requires support such as paperboard.

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Tying & Strapping Machine

For bundling items together using a strapping band / plastic ties in order to hold and fasten it during material handling. Common applications are for bundling newspaper, pipe, lumber, concrete block, attaching items to pallets / crates, etc.

Carton Sealer & Erector

Packaging system that picks folded carton box and erects it, apply adhesive tape and close both end after it filled. This system is widely used for packaging foodstuffs, medicine, cosmetics, automotive industries, etc.

Protective Packaging

To protect valuable product while being handle or move around. Avoid damaging your product while on shipment by inserting plastic pre-filled with air as the impact absorbents. Our product such as Airworks, AirBag, and protective netting.

Barcode & Labelling

Indentify your product effectively by accomodating barcode printed on a label. Combine with internal inventory / warehouse system and barcode scanner, product can be trace-and-tracked easily and faster which automatically improving overall productivity and lesser human error.

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Inkjet & Coding Machine

To help print batch / lot number, manufacturing date, production date by using heat thermal transfer and ink method with or without computer (or remote WLAN). Common application are for aluminium sachet, plastic pouch, carton, cardboard, etc.

Sealers (include Ultrasonic Sealers)

Quality Impulse Sealer helps the customers to create a perfect for a multitude of applications. Makes excellent air and water tight seals on most plastic materials.

Packaging Accessories

We provides accessories for our customer's packaging, moving and shipping supplies and services. Industrial staplers, bag sealers, and sealers consumable like teflon tape, seal wire, etc in any size and specification.


Consumable materials: ribbon for coding machine, label and thermal ribbon for barcode printer, shrink film for shrink system, stretch film for stretch wrapper, skin film for skin wrapper, protective plastic film (Airworks), PE tying tape, strapping bands, etc.

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Label Applicator & Dispenser

The tools to simplify the process of removing a label from its liner or backing paper. Simple to operate and to maintain while increasing operator productivity and reduce wasted labels.

Tape Dispenser

It's a helping tools that holds a roll of tape, and at one end has mechanism to shear the tape. Dispenser have different sizes and kind of mechanism based on the tape material.

Control & Management

Using barcode technology to control and manage business resources effectively. For event management, using colored wristbands to easily & quickly identify crowd. Using barcode to manage logistic of event supplies, merchandise, and event tools such as barricade, etc.

Weighing & Counting Scale

Our weighing & couting machine can be integrated stand-alone with TSC Barcode Printer. Where it can print weight / counting information and barcode as well for weight based product.

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Gamita Pak-IT Pte. Ltd. is a privately owned company based in Singapore. We are distributor, stockist and one of the leading suppliers and solution provider for packaging and labelling machineries with materials for various industries.

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